Mail from South Africa!

South Africa

This is my first mail from South Africa! I am very excited.

This beautiful postcard came from Derika.

I love the collaging,  the tree branch stamps and cut-outs, the different papers, and the numbers! I love numbers!

Every postcard I have received so far in iHanna’s 2013 DIY Postcard Swap have been fabulous. Each one has contained something meaningful to me. Maybe they are universally meaningful.

As I look at them again and again, I find something new and inspiring. I find something to be grateful for, and something to meditate on. I am so glad that I took a chance and jumped into this swap, even though I was a bit scared. Why scared? Art is sometimes a raw look into one’s soul, and it’s scary to put yourself out there! But it is worth it!

Thank you, Derika!

Butterflies, Bicycles, and Flowers in Bloom Postcards

I have received four more postcards since I last posted!

(In case you missed it, I signed up for iHanna’s 2013 Spring Postcard Swap.)

( You can read my other posts here and here. )

Let’s take a look!

Spring from Scotland

This touch of Spring comes from Scotland by Ailsa Mackay.

Ailsa’s piece contains many of my favorite things – butterflies, daisies, and music. I love the inclusion of the different flags from all over.  They add a beautiful pop of colour, plus an homage to the international community sending postcards all over.


Titled “Creates,” this piece comes from Tricia in Memphis. We have another appearance of butterflies! I love the rainbow of color throughout, tied together with the tape.

My favorite part is that Tricia writes that this is made from “Acrylic, Tape, Ink, Love.” The best art is heartfelt!

Bicycle and Bread

Violette sent this postcard from Denver. I am truly in awe of her artistic ability. I love the dresses, the sweet faces. Maybe these two are on their way to a picnic. Or are returning from a trip to the local market.

You should check out Violette’s website. Her art is divine! I feel lucky to have my own sweet drawing from her!

Dandy Lions

My last treasure thus far comes from Tina in Maryland. I love the snippets of words highlighted and the layers of blues. The orange sneaks in there, complementary. At the top of the piece are some dribbles of a glossy glue (maybe?) which adds a very interesting effect.  It’s hard to see it on the scan, but it almost looks like rain.

I think the flowers might be dandelions. Our dandelions don’t make an appearance here in Upstate Western New York State, USA, until June. This will have to tide me over until I can see them for myself!

I love heading to the mailbox each day to see if another treasure has arrived.

A special thank you to Ailsa, Tricia, Tina and Violette!

Postcards Given and Received

Yesterday, I talked about signing up for iHanna’s 2013 Spring DIY Postcard Swap.

I received my second postcard today!


This comes from Marrianna from Red Dancer Studio.

It says “Flowers were at my mother’s assisted living Easter party. 3/31/13”

I love it!

I think it’s really special that Marrianna incorporated a treasure from her life into her postcard art. I am reminded of holidays spent with relatives in assisted living and nursing homes. These situations are often bittersweet – which makes these moments all the more precious!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. The background paper looks like a sort of tribal sun design to me. It complements the roses nicely.

I am so in love with stitching in postcard pieces. The texture is great to touch. I would like to use some stitching in my future pieces.

Thank you so much, Marrianna!


As for what I made:

Here are two of the postcards that I created.

They are inspired by the Lilac Festival we have here in Rochester, NY in May.



I used mixed media paper, acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, washi tape, mod podge, and Uni Ball Vision Elite black pen.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Love, Cori!

Postcard Swapping!

I signed up to participate in iHanna’s 2013 DIY Postcard Swap. So much inspiration comes to me from iHanna’s blog and art. I have never participated in a swap before, even though I’ve wanted to for years and years. I just jumped in with both feet!  I will be posting the cards that I made in the next few days.

I received my first postcard a few days ago. It is titled “We Discover” and is made by LS Lee.

We Discover by LS Lee

I am delighted with this postcard.  I love the different textures and papers. I collect stamps, so I love the stamp inclusion. I also used a couple of dragonflies in my postcards, so I think it is neat that LS Lee did, too!

I love colors – these are so peaceful, flowing, and calming. I am also fascinated with the embossed silver design on the right side.

Thank you so much, LS Lee for the wonderful art!

Thank you iHanna for hosting a fantastic postcard swap!

I can’t wait for my other postcards to arrive!

Love, Cori!