Who Am I?

I am Coriander Wolfgang Rainbeaux.

Photo by Adam Eaton
Shot with NOMO 135 GR.

I love:

  • Laughing & Rainbows
  • Creating, building, baking, growing (wood, yarn, food, paper, dirt)
  • Delicious gluten-free food
  • Cuddling with my animals (dog & rabbit)
  • Talking to people, and learning about different cultures

I am:

  • A leader
  • Supportive, faithful, & open minded
  • A confident, passionate character with a kind heart

I have:

  • A compassionate and empathetic soul
  • A deep love for the human experience
  • An ability to see the logic and humor in the most absurd of circumstances and life’s messy situations

What I’m working on now:

  • Embracing magic
  • Stepping outside of my comfort zone
  • Connecting my mind, body, and spirit – enjoying moving my body

My plans for the future:

  • Travel
  • Dance
  • Finish my degree
  • Create more art and music
  • Do what feels good and makes me happy

When my time is done on earth, I hope that people will say I:

  • Didn’t let others define me
  • Lived an unconventional but fulfilling life
  • Lived an authentic life full of truth and courage
  • Honored each person where they were in their own journeys
  • Never let my challenges stand in my way or my circumstances determine who I am
  • Inspired those around me to do the same

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