40 Contemplations for Lent with my Inner Children 1-20

I found this Good Housekeeping article about things to give up for Lent and had my own idea. Instead of avoiding something, I’ll embrace myself and open up my heart. Radical acceptance and radical growth. Here’s days one through twenty – click the day to go to Medium.

Day 1 – Music

Day 2 – Complaining

Day 3 – Clutter

Day 4 – Avoiding Reading

Day 5 – Online Shopping

Day 6 – Biting your nails

Day 7 – Dating apps

Day 8 – Heat styling your hair

Day 9 – Using your phone at dinner

Day 10 – Skipping your doctors’ appointments

Day 11 – Not catching up with loved ones

Day 12 – Skipping your sunscreen

Day 13 – Not offering forgiveness

Day 14 – Streaming services

Day 15 – Fast food

Day 16 – Skipping Workouts

Day 17 – Video Games

Day 18 – Bad Posture

Day 19 – Coffee

Day 20 – Gossiping

March Magnificence

“In like a lion, out like a lamb” is the phrase I’ve always heard about for the month of March. With climate change, the lions and lambs are having a rave or something. One day it’s snowing heavily, the next day it’s 40 and everything has melted.

A friend who moved to California to avoid the snow and ice in Rochester had snow today!  Absolutely bonkers. Weather is a wild card in the life game of Uno. 

I feel like life is happening to me this month, rather than me being a part of life. Some months are like this. I’m working to get better organized so I’m not running out of steam, and my PTSD is less invasive. I’m being more generous with myself and others. Some days, it’s really hard to do. 

What’s happening in your life?

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Love, Cori