Manic Monday – Weekend Bliss

Skotte and I drove around the beautiful city of Rochester yesterday.  It was a lovely day full of sun and a crisp gentle breeze.

The Lilac Festival is getting ready to kick off on May 11th.  Many of the lilacs are already out in full bloom, which is amazing.

Pictured above is the pansy garden in Highland Park.  I have many childhood memories of posing in front of and behind the pansies with various relatives.  The colors are so vibrant and lush.

The Burning Question – What do you want… that you already have?

Danielle LaPorte asks here:

What do you want… that you already have?

I want a job.  I want to feel more secure about myself.  I want to find friends that share my passions.  I want to help more in my community.

So what do I already HAVE???

I want a job – I actually have many jobs already. Only one pays money, and with little investment from me. More investment would mean more money.  And committing to some side projects would be good for me, even if they don’t pay as much.  I also have a job as a dog-mama, wife and daughter.  I provide valuable services.

I want to feel more secure about myself – I actually feel my best when I am deeply involved and invested in being creative and completing tasks.  World of Warcraft provides many tasks to complete.  I don’t always get to them all, but I do the best I can.  Making jewelry and other items for my friends and family makes me feel useful and smart.  I do these things all the time.  I should do them MORE!

I want to find friends that share my passions. – I have many friends who share my passions.  I have a lot of passions.  I keep wanting to find that magical clone to myself… but even twins can have different interests.  It is ok that I have one friend who loves anime, and one friend who is seriously into The White Stripes, and a different friend who adores board games.  Each person brings something new and different to my life, also.  I need to remember this.

I want to help more in my community. – When I was young, I envisioned all of the philanthropic things I would do with my time, energy, and money.  I have more time and less money than my young self hoped, but that’s ok!  I give a lot to the online community I am in.  I am sometimes too sensitive for my own good, but that is part of who I am.  Can I do more?  Certainly.  Getting out of the house more would be good.