Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie

Last night, we saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" in IMAX 3D and it was glorious!  Like many people, I have read the book, and knew it was going to be a lot to pack into one movie.  I think they did a fair representation of all of the main points of the book.  This was a particularly important book in the series, I thought, so it really helped having read it to further explain things to my husband.  It probably wasn't necessary, but I was only too eager to do so. 

Professor Umbridge did not disappoint me.  She was just as impressive on-screen as she was in print. 

I try to keep the books and the movies as separate entities in my head as much as possible.  With this book in particular, it took me a long time to read it the first time, and it has stayed with me particularly well, and all of the things that stood out were there in the movie, and done very well.  But, I felt it could have been more.  I think I would like to see it again though, because there was so much happening. 

It has been interesting to see the storyline from my husband's eyes since he hasn't read the books but has seen all of the movies.  I wonder if he understands all of the nuances the way I do. 

Oh, and I do think the people cast in the roles have been excellent choices on the whole.  Umbridge is particularly good, as is Bellatrix.  And it has been interesting to see all of the kids go from being children to young adults.

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The Simpsons… MOVIE!

We went to an 11:59 PM showing of The Simpsons Movie, and it was awesome!  I'm so glad I got to see it with that crowd.  Everyone cheered and yelled and laughed at the same time.  It was just as good as the tv show.  They were able to add in a few things that are not allowed on TV in this medium, and it was pretty humorous.  I wasn't sure what at all to expect, and I think it lives up to expectations, and the long *$$ wait it took to come out!

Anyway, I give it two herb stalks UP!  It's not Schindler's List or something that poignant, but it was an enjoyable laugh, and definitely worthy of seeing if you're a Simpson's fan!


And if you see it, stay and watch the credits! 

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