National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day in the United States.

To understand more of the history of this day, I went to (Human Rights Campaign) to learn more.  According to their site, on this day in 1987, there was a march on Washington, D.C. for gay and lesbian rights.  It was only the second march of its kind.  Also, this was the first time the NAMES Project Quilt was displayed.  This quilt was made in remembrance of those who died from AIDS.

Over on Wikipedia, I learned that it’s not just here in the U.S., but observed by many countries all over the world.

What does this day mean today?

The Daily Illini, a University of Illinois independent student newspaper,  has a paragraph from an editorial page that I quite like.

Coming Out Day isn’t just for people who are coming out. It’s also about the community at large being there to support them after they have made that step of trust. Don’t let anyone step out and not find strong support ready to catch them. has a list of ways people can observe the day.  One suggestion they make is:

Speak About It

Grab your cell or cam and create a YouTube video expressing your feelings about being LGBT. You can also share your coming out story or vid about how you support your LGBT loved ones. Don’t stop there: Write about free sexual identity and gender expression on your Facebook Wall; Twitter your followers about your support for LGBT causes; or share a story on your blog or vlog.

Over on Facebook, I donated my status to the Human Rights Campaign.

It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, or queer.  The important thing is to speak up, if you feel strongly about LGBTQ rights.  Which I do!

More to come…