QotD: This Time Last Year

What were you doing one year ago today?
Submitted by CassandraMorgan.

A year ago, I wrote this in my journal.  "Had this dream last night. This man was saying things to me that were subtly demeaning and caused me to change and shift my whole entire life. After a while, (halfway through the dream) I realized this fact, and the rest of the dream was all about how I undid the things that had affected me and changed who I was, and what decisions I made. Not sure who "the man" represented. Maybe a collection of things lots of people have said, including myself. I don't know. In any case, this self awareness feels SO good. I'm really starting to love myself. It's about damned time."  So a year ago, I was realizing that my perceptions of my reality were just perceptions, and that they might not have been the truth. 

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Sommaren Med Monika (Summer with Monika)

Went to see Sommaren Med Monika, an Ingmar Bergman film, last night at the George Eastman House.  It's always a treat to see Bergman's films in big screen!  Not the epitome of his fine career, but definitely a film worth watching!  The Seventh Seal will be showing next month.  That's S.'s favorite movie, so we'll probably be going!

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Two more movies in the Thumbs Up category

Kids in America – I love it!  A definitely inspiring movie!  It was much better than I anticipated it being.

Fingersmith – Excellent plot and acting!  I thought it was a brilliant piece of work.  If I'm not mistaken, the original story was written by the same person who wrote Tipping the Velvet, which is one of my favorites!

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Hana Yori Dango

I have started watching Hana Yori Dango (with subtitles).  I’m very intrigued, and can’t wait to find out what happens next. It’s hard to wait to watch the next episode! Last night, I had a dream that I was in Japan, and was speaking Japanese, and living in a cool house with sliding doors.  I can’t remember much of it, but it was a pretty nice dream.

It reminded me how much things affect me subconsciously.  When I was about 10 or something, I saw The Lost Boys and couldn’t sleep for a week.  It was terrible.  A few years ago, I started reading the Left Behind series, and in book 3, I started dreaming in Hebrew! Sometimes I dream in French, but that’s a bit more understandable as I actually studied French.

Doh, forgot some more.

Sordid Lives  – Hilarious, especially the character of Brother Boy!  A tremendous cast.  The movie kind of went on and on, but it was worth it. 

It's in the Water – I give this one an A+!  I LOVED it.  Keri Jo Chapman is HAWT! 

Strangers with Candy – Not nearly as edgy as the tv series, which I ADORED.  but Paul Dinello is as hot as ever.  And Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert weren't bad either.  ;) 

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Touch of Pink

I've been waiting for a while to see this movie, Touch of Pink, and they finally showed it on the Logo Channel.  I really enjoyed it.  Interesting script.  I especially liked the ending, and how the characters chose to do the right thing. 

I also saw I Think I Do, mostly because I love Alexis Arquette. 

Eddie Izzard's new show is starting next week, and it co-stars Minnie Driver!  The reviews haven't been that great, but I can't wait!  I love Eddie!

What else have I seen?  I changed my mind about Firefly.  The last episodes were the best ones, in my opinion.  Very thrilling and awesome.  I can see why, after those, people were so disappointed it didn't continue. 

Spoilers next:  What is one of my biggest fears?  Electroshock therapy!  And what does Six Feet Under have in it?  GRRR.  You know, I was finally feeling kind of resolved after David goes to jail and really, all you feel is pity for the criminal in there.  And yet, I have to watch.  I love these characters.  They are so real life! 

I watched Bar Girls last week, and realized that I'd already seen it.  I like the boldness of the main character. 

What else… Heroes this week was great.  Tonight is Lost.  I am really digging on Dresden Files.  I think Dresden is incredibly sexy and awesomely cast.

Oh, I finished my third book I guess it is.  Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich.  The book left me feeling really depressed about the state of economics.  My classmates didn't seem as disturbed as I did.  I'm not sure why I was so disturbed. 

Oh, and if they do not bring back The Class next year, I am going to be VERY angry.

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