The proof is in the notorious shower!

Adding to my list of stuff I’ve watched:
Notorious C.H.O – Hilarious, edgy, educational, right on!
April’s Shower – Great comedy – Fear of rejection really does a number on people, doesn’t it?
Proof – Very interesting movie – I thought all the actors were well cast.

I have been inspired.

3 thoughts on “The proof is in the notorious shower!

  1. I wonder if I've seen Notorious C.H.O. I'll have to try to rent it to see. I watched her 2004 show, CHO Revolution and it was absolutely terrible. I probably should have started that off by saying I was/am a HUGE Maraget Cho fan. She used to be a fat girl doing fat girl comedy. (A lot like Jeanine Garofalo, another woman comedian I adore.) By CHO Revolution she lost all the weight and her jokes got lame. I need to go back to her fat girl days and pretend she never got skinny ^_^

  2. Interesting. I'm not sure when Notorious came out. It was really sexually overt in your face kind of stuff, but still rather funny, and had an interesting underlying message. I noticed that she has slimmed down lately. What do you think the cause is?Garafalo is awesome. I love her. She is one that has remained true to her character, I think. And she did that on purpose. I love that about her. She's probably even too cynical for me sometimes! ;)I have another Cho video to watch – I'm the One that I want. I'll have to see what I think of that. Again, not sure when it came out. I could look it up, but I'm feeling lazy. 😉


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