My Goals for 2019

I finally took the plunge and upgraded this site to a business account. I have been waiting FOR YEARS to do this, and I realize there will never be that perfect time, or that magic angel whispering in my ear to do it now. I just have to DO IT! And so I am!

What are some of my personal goals for next year?

  • Read or listen to 52 books.
  • Save up 3 months of living costs in case of emergency.
  • Pay down our 2 car loans.
  • Set up a weekly and monthly newsletter with Tiny Letter.
  • Collect all of my haikus into one concise book to shop around.
  • Launch 1-2 online classes.
  • Record and market one music album and associated video components.
  • Host a monthly crafting experience.
  • Grow my TupperWare and essential oils businesses.
  • Create and maintain an inventory for my online jewelry store.

As you can see, I have more than a few things on my mind! But, I will be breaking them down into bite sized steps, and enjoying the experiences as I go.