The Year of Finishing ends.

A year ago, I upgraded this site to a business account, and then had one of the roughest unexpected years of my life. I did not renew, but will do so once I get into a good routine, making it worth the costs.

Photo by Adam Eaton

Things I accomplished in 2019:

  • LGBTQ+ Leadership training
  • LGBTQ+ Presbyterian Ambassadorship
  • Changed jobs
  • Divorce
  • Joined a band to raise money for kids
  • Performed “Under Pressure” in public along with a storytelling opportunity
  • Started my tattoo in honor of my father

Goals for 2020:

  • Save up 3 months of living costs in case of emergency.
  • Pay down my car loan.
  • Set up a weekly and monthly newsletter with Tiny Letter.
  • Collect all of my haikus into one concise book.
  • Launch 1-2 online classes.
  • Record and market one music album and associated video components.
  • Host a monthly crafting experience.
  • Grow my TupperWare and essential oils businesses.
  • Create and maintain an inventory for my online jewelry store.
  • Continue my dad’s tattoo

I intended to read 52 books and only finished 20, but that was more than the year before. I’m pretty happy with my list. Having a goal of 52 books is reasonable though, so I’m going to do this again.

My word for 2020 is RELEASE.
My intention for 2020 is MEDITATION.
My theme for 2020 is BEING PRESENT, JOY.