Touch of Pink

I've been waiting for a while to see this movie, Touch of Pink, and they finally showed it on the Logo Channel.  I really enjoyed it.  Interesting script.  I especially liked the ending, and how the characters chose to do the right thing. 

I also saw I Think I Do, mostly because I love Alexis Arquette. 

Eddie Izzard's new show is starting next week, and it co-stars Minnie Driver!  The reviews haven't been that great, but I can't wait!  I love Eddie!

What else have I seen?  I changed my mind about Firefly.  The last episodes were the best ones, in my opinion.  Very thrilling and awesome.  I can see why, after those, people were so disappointed it didn't continue. 

Spoilers next:  What is one of my biggest fears?  Electroshock therapy!  And what does Six Feet Under have in it?  GRRR.  You know, I was finally feeling kind of resolved after David goes to jail and really, all you feel is pity for the criminal in there.  And yet, I have to watch.  I love these characters.  They are so real life! 

I watched Bar Girls last week, and realized that I'd already seen it.  I like the boldness of the main character. 

What else… Heroes this week was great.  Tonight is Lost.  I am really digging on Dresden Files.  I think Dresden is incredibly sexy and awesomely cast.

Oh, I finished my third book I guess it is.  Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich.  The book left me feeling really depressed about the state of economics.  My classmates didn't seem as disturbed as I did.  I'm not sure why I was so disturbed. 

Oh, and if they do not bring back The Class next year, I am going to be VERY angry.

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It’s a wonderful day for tv and knitting!

Can you guess what I've been doing today? 

Catching up on some tv, and trying to finish this Fibonacci Number based scarf for my SO.  I got the idea from the DIY show "Knitty Gritty."  I have to admit to enjoying the knitting.  It is going faster than I thought.  So far, I've only messed this scarf up once!  I dropped a stitch.

So far, I caught up on The Class, Dresden Files (yay Vampires!), Gilmore Girls, and last night I watched two movies: The Reception and Almost Normal.  I need to finish Firefly so I can send the discs back to Netflix.  I think we're done with the series after that.  It was a pretty good show.  I would like to say I'm as die hard a fan as most of the people I know, but sadly it's not at the top of my favorites.  I do enjoy it though.  Definitely on the "Worth Watching" list!

Recently, I also caught these films that I enjoyed quite a bit:
The Devil Wears Prada, Adam and Steve, A Dirty Shame, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (YAY Eddie Izzard!  It was a cute movie, a definite fun time… something about it seemed stilted though.  Anyone else feel this way?) A Home at the End of the World, and Little Miss Sunshine (which was as amazing as everyone said it would be).

I need to read some of Nickel and Dimed tonight, as well as my cultural anthropology homework. 

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I keep forgetting I have this journal too.

I have several journals.  I haven't figured out the usage for them all, but at least I have them available! 

I am watching Dead Like Me for the second time now.  I really dig this show.  Wish it went on longer.

I'm also watching Six Feet Under.  Also quite excellent.  Nate always surprises me as a character.  I have no idea why.  I just expect him to be ultra cynical.  I think Michael takes the cake on that one.  Claire is cynical and edgy but also quite independent and compassionate.  Nate … he's responsible, but I expect him not to be.  He's caring, when I expect him to fumble.  I fully thought I would adore Claire the most in this show, but by leaps and bounds, Nate is my favorite character. 

And finally we're getting to Firefly.  I had already seen the first few episodes, but Scotia hadn't, so I rewatched them with her.  It's a very interesting concept.  I think I'm torn between Simon and Kaylee as a favorite character.  Everyone is fascinating, and has lots of mystery and intrigue.  Great actor choices. 

While I'm at it, I should mention I'm on the last season of Farscape.  I went fast and furious at first, and then I needed a LONG break.  I'm getting them from Netflix, and an unfortunate thing happened.  One disc went missing or got broken.  So, I didn't see 3 episodes.  I think it was Season 3 episodes 7-9.  VERY VITAL EPISODES!!!!.  SPOILERS TO FOLLOW – I didn't know there were two Johns, or that they went separate ways.  I was VERY confused to say the least as I just kept going with the next discs.  They finally got a new disc, so I've caught up now.  But, dang.  That really f*cked up the storyline for me for a while. 

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