Touch of Pink

I've been waiting for a while to see this movie, Touch of Pink, and they finally showed it on the Logo Channel.  I really enjoyed it.  Interesting script.  I especially liked the ending, and how the characters chose to do the right thing. 

I also saw I Think I Do, mostly because I love Alexis Arquette. 

Eddie Izzard's new show is starting next week, and it co-stars Minnie Driver!  The reviews haven't been that great, but I can't wait!  I love Eddie!

What else have I seen?  I changed my mind about Firefly.  The last episodes were the best ones, in my opinion.  Very thrilling and awesome.  I can see why, after those, people were so disappointed it didn't continue. 

Spoilers next:  What is one of my biggest fears?  Electroshock therapy!  And what does Six Feet Under have in it?  GRRR.  You know, I was finally feeling kind of resolved after David goes to jail and really, all you feel is pity for the criminal in there.  And yet, I have to watch.  I love these characters.  They are so real life! 

I watched Bar Girls last week, and realized that I'd already seen it.  I like the boldness of the main character. 

What else… Heroes this week was great.  Tonight is Lost.  I am really digging on Dresden Files.  I think Dresden is incredibly sexy and awesomely cast.

Oh, I finished my third book I guess it is.  Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich.  The book left me feeling really depressed about the state of economics.  My classmates didn't seem as disturbed as I did.  I'm not sure why I was so disturbed. 

Oh, and if they do not bring back The Class next year, I am going to be VERY angry.

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It’s a wonderful day for tv and knitting!

Can you guess what I’ve been doing today?

Catching up on some tv, and trying to finish this Fibonacci Number based scarf for someone.  I got the idea from the DIY show “Knitty Gritty.”  I enjoy the knitting and it is going faster than I thought.  I’ve only messed up once, by dropping a stitch.

I caught up on The Class, Dresden Files (yay Vampires!), Gilmore Girls, and last night I watched two movies: The Reception and Almost Normal.  I need to finish Firefly so I can send the discs back to Netflix.  I think I’m done with the series after that.  I have enjoyed watching it, but I’m not a die hard fan.

Recently, I also caught these films that I enjoyed quite a bit:
The Devil Wears Prada, Adam and Steve, A Dirty Shame, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (YAY Eddie Izzard!), A Home at the End of the World, and Little Miss Sunshine (which was as amazing as everyone said it would be).

I need to read some of Nickel and Dimed tonight.

Watching TV shows

I am watching Dead Like Me for the second time now.  I really dig this show.  Wish it went on longer.

I’m also watching Six Feet Under.  Also quite excellent.  Nate always surprises me as a character.  I have no idea why.  I just expect him to be ultra cynical.  I think Michael takes the cake on that one.  Claire is cynical and edgy but also quite independent and compassionate.  Nate … he’s responsible, but I expect him not to be.  He’s caring, when I expect him to fumble.  I fully thought I would adore Claire the most in this show, but by leaps and bounds, Nate is my favorite character. 

And finally we’re getting to Firefly.  I had already seen the first few episodes.  It’s a very interesting concept.  I think I’m torn between Simon and Kaylee as a favorite character.  Everyone is fascinating, and has lots of mystery and intrigue.  Great actor choices. 

While I’m at it, I should mention I’m on the last season of Farscape.  I went fast and furious at first, and then I needed a LONG break.  I’m getting them from Netflix, and an unfortunate thing happened.  One disc went missing or got broken.  So, I didn’t see 3 episodes.  I think it was Season 3 episodes 7-9.  VERY VITAL EPISODES!!!!.  SPOILERS TO FOLLOW – I didn’t know there were two Johns, or that they went separate ways.  I was VERY confused to say the least as I just kept going with the next discs.  They finally got a new disc, so I’ve caught up now.  But, dang.  That really f*cked up the storyline for me for a while.