It’s a wonderful day for tv and knitting!

Can you guess what I've been doing today? 

Catching up on some tv, and trying to finish this Fibonacci Number based scarf for my SO.  I got the idea from the DIY show "Knitty Gritty."  I have to admit to enjoying the knitting.  It is going faster than I thought.  So far, I've only messed this scarf up once!  I dropped a stitch.

So far, I caught up on The Class, Dresden Files (yay Vampires!), Gilmore Girls, and last night I watched two movies: The Reception and Almost Normal.  I need to finish Firefly so I can send the discs back to Netflix.  I think we're done with the series after that.  It was a pretty good show.  I would like to say I'm as die hard a fan as most of the people I know, but sadly it's not at the top of my favorites.  I do enjoy it though.  Definitely on the "Worth Watching" list!

Recently, I also caught these films that I enjoyed quite a bit:
The Devil Wears Prada, Adam and Steve, A Dirty Shame, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (YAY Eddie Izzard!  It was a cute movie, a definite fun time… something about it seemed stilted though.  Anyone else feel this way?) A Home at the End of the World, and Little Miss Sunshine (which was as amazing as everyone said it would be).

I need to read some of Nickel and Dimed tonight, as well as my cultural anthropology homework. 

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2 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful day for tv and knitting!

  1. lol – I admit, I was knitting while watching, so I don't remember her boots. She had a "pretty" look and a "nerdy" look. Let me know what you think after you see it!


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