Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!

Post sun going down headache is starting!  AAAAAAH! 

Happy Valentine's Day!  Today has been such a weird day.  All of the snow here, not knowing if school was cancelled, appointments being cancelled, slight hangover from drinking Fish Wine last night…  It's a good day though.  I think I shall get some tylenol and wait for it to kick in and then start in on some homework. 

I worked on updating my books and music on here, and I put a link from my Livejournal to here.  I knocked off some things from 43things.com and I have some things to do.  I challenged myself to actually USE my bread maker.  And get off my ass and clean some things.  To much of my time is spent thinking of what to do instead of doing! 

Anyway, with that being said, i shall now go accomplish something.  Adios!

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