Postcard Swapping!

I signed up to participate in iHanna’s 2013 DIY Postcard Swap. So much inspiration comes to me from iHanna’s blog and art. I have never participated in a swap before, even though I’ve wanted to for years and years. I just jumped in with both feet!  I will be posting the cards that I made in the next few days.

I received my first postcard a few days ago. It is titled “We Discover” and is made by LS Lee.

We Discover by LS Lee

I am delighted with this postcard.  I love the different textures and papers. I collect stamps, so I love the stamp inclusion. I also used a couple of dragonflies in my postcards, so I think it is neat that LS Lee did, too!

I love colors – these are so peaceful, flowing, and calming. I am also fascinated with the embossed silver design on the right side.

Thank you so much, LS Lee for the wonderful art!

Thank you iHanna for hosting a fantastic postcard swap!

I can’t wait for my other postcards to arrive!

Love, Cori!

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