Mail from South Africa!

South Africa

This is my first mail from South Africa! I am very excited.

This beautiful postcard came from Derika.

I love the collaging,  the tree branch stamps and cut-outs, the different papers, and the numbers! I love numbers!

Every postcard I have received so far in iHanna’s 2013 DIY Postcard Swap have been fabulous. Each one has contained something meaningful to me. Maybe they are universally meaningful.

As I look at them again and again, I find something new and inspiring. I find something to be grateful for, and something to meditate on. I am so glad that I took a chance and jumped into this swap, even though I was a bit scared. Why scared? Art is sometimes a raw look into one’s soul, and it’s scary to put yourself out there! But it is worth it!

Thank you, Derika!

2 thoughts on “Mail from South Africa!

    • It is also interesting to me that the postcards share common elements… butterflies or dragonflies, Spring flowers, branches, etc. People come from all different places, but we share so much! I love it.


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