Joyful July – Free Art

Joyful July 2022

A lot of the world celebrates Pride during June. In Rochester, we extend our celebrating into July. I didn’t go full out Pride on this one, but I think you’ll recognize the rainbow spirit. I’m curious if anyone will be able to guess some of my inspirations. 

What does July hold for you? Canada Day was July 1. We have Independence Day here in the U.S. There’s Bastille Day in France on July 14. Tell me about your other celebrations! 

I’m taking Discrete Mathematics this month, and it’s been fun so far. That’s what my celebrating is all about. Math!  lol. 

I’m also concentrating on making things for a craft sale near the end of the month. What are you up to?

As always, if you’d like this resized or made for a different device, please ask!

Check out my Patreon post to download this art, and/or request a wallpaper resize for a different device.

One thought on “Joyful July – Free Art

  1. Hi Cori, You Art pieces are so creative and delightful to look at. They are full of your favorites things, people, pets and activities. Whimsical too.

    You could put these in a book like the “Normal Rockwell Collection” of folk art.

    Love, Aunt Vivi


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