June Jive – Free Art

June Jive 2022

This is the 12th month of making these monthly artworks! *High Five to myself* I made a commitment to myself and to YOU to make these every month. I plan to keep going!

What does June hold for you? It holds the beginning of Summer for me. Here in Rochester, we have a Rose Garden full of gorgeous blooms. It means weekly mowing, maybe even twice a week. Garage Sale season. Sitting out on the back deck enjoying the sun.

In many places, it is PRIDE MONTH! We celebrate in July, so we have extra PRIDE in June AND July. As a rainbow fan, I don’t mind one bit.

Also the start of mosquitos. I do not like this. June bugs which turn to grubs. Also not a fan.

As always, if you’d like this resized or made for a different device, please ask!

Check out my Patreon post to download this art, and/or request a wallpaper resize for a different device.

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