Belated Authentic August -Free Art

Authentic August 2022

Although I had this created in advance of August, collecting a bunch of my favorite things, I started the month with a bad UTI, and then got covid (my first time, probably omicron) just in time for my birthday. It was all I could do to finish my homework for the month. My apologies to anyone who looks forward to these pictures.

My favorite thing about August was the epic unveiling of The Sandman on Netflix. I have watched the entire thing no less than 6 times so far. I read the series originally in the late 90s and have been waiting patiently for it to come out. And, to be honest, it was worth the wait. I highly recommend it. If you look back at my July art, there are a bunch of “Sandman-esque” allusions.

Because of my UTI and schoolwork, I didn’t get to the craft fair either. But, I am working on a bunch of updates for my Etsy store. There’s always so much to do and so little time.

Covid was not a fun experience. I was solidly out of commission for 3-4 days, just sleeping, with my joints and hand/feet neuropathy throbbing. 0/10, do not recommend. I am thankful that this is a different beast than started in 2020. I think daily of all those who have lost family and friends from covid and things related to covid.

As always, if you’d like this resized or made for a different device, please ask!

Check out my Patreon post to download this art, and/or request a wallpaper resize for a different device.

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