Letting go…

Danielle LaPorte inspires me often.


Click on the picture to read her list!

Here’s my list.

  • I give up the feeling that I’m not worthy. It’s done.

  • I give up the doubt and judgment I have towards myself, which keeps me frozen in fear.

  • I give up being dependent on other people.

  • I give up thinking that I am not enough. I am.

  • I give up waiting for other people to value me.

  • I give up feeling lonely when I am great company, and I have a lot of friends who love and care about me.

  • I give up sacrificing my needs for what I think are more noble causes.

  • I give up pushing people away when they get too close.

  • I give up waiting for validation.

  • I give up keeping quiet when I have something to say.

What do you give up? Let me know in the comments!


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