30 Days of Lists – #11 – Without _____, I would probably ______


I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

Without _____, I would probably ______

  1. Scott // not laugh as much!
  2. Mom // not be the functioning human being I am starting to be again.
  3. Erik // not be able to finish this sentence.
  4. Maddie & Gus // be a lot sadder.
  5. Nathan // be a lesser human being.
  6. family // feel more disconnected with the world.
  7. friends // not leave my house!
  8. rice and potato flours // never have bread again.
  9. the people at Downtown United Presbyterian Church // have lost my mind during dad’s illness and passing.
  10. Facebook // feel quite alone! I love you guys.

Love, Cori!

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