30 Days of Lists – #10 – I was a friend this year by…

I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!


I was a friend this year by…

  1. helping friends by dog sitting so they could go out of town
  2. taking an interest in my friends’ interests
  3. staying with Ramona so her family could grieve together
  4. taking part in the Alumni concert (I did it for a variety of reasons, but one reason was that my mom really wanted me to.)
  5. taking in two stray dogs and helping one get back home
  6. accepting help from family and friends during my dad’s illness
  7. communicating more
  8. trying to be more reliable
  9. taking better care of myself, therefore I have more time to devote to others
  10. forgiving, asking forgiveness, wiping the slate clean, and moving on

Love, Cori!

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