30 Days of Lists – #1 – Before the end of the year…

I joined the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

Basically, if you love making lists, you should check it out!

Before the end of the year…

  1. I will send out Christmas cards
  2. we will celebrate the Swedish tradition of St. Lucia, the girl with a crown of light on her head
  3. new games will be played
  4. I hope to see “The Hobbit” part 2
  5. there will be a lot of going to the dog park
  6. visiting with family is a priority
  7. I will make a musical video
  8. donations will be made
  9. I will sell lots of jewelry (https://www.etsy.com/shop/inthespicerack)
  10. I will make cookies

lucia 1

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