Eye Shadow Nail Polish

I want to use empty eye shadow trays for another craft project, so when I bought this shadow at the Dollar Tree, I knew just what to do with the extra powder.

I first read about this idea of putting unused eye shadow into clear nail polish to make a new color of nail polish on Delighted Momma’s blog right here.

It looked really easy and fun, so I had to try it for myself.

  1. I used the pointy end of a small paint brush to get the eye shadow out of the tray.
  2. I emptied the loose powder onto a small piece of paper.
  3. I used the brush end to clean out the spare bits.
  4. I got out my clear nail polish.

5.  I made a funnel with the paper and tapped the shadow down into the bottle.

6.  I replaced the cap and shook up the polish and eye shadow mixture.


It’s quite a pretty shade of pinky red.

I found a volunteer to test out the polish.

This is one coat of eye shadow nail polish.  It went on fairly smoothly.  You’d probably need two coats for the best look.

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