WoW Wednesday – Flu and Lunar Fest

I have been horribly remiss in posting.

At first, I had the post Christmas blues.  Now, I have the flu.  Boo!

In The World of Warcraft, we are celebrating the Lunar Festival, which is very similar to real life Chinese New Year.  We greet our elders, and receive red envelopes.  This year, one of the new items you can earn is a lantern.

I have 6 characters that could easily earn a lantern this year, so that has been my focus.  I have 3 done and 3 to go.  Being sick was not conducive to playing WoW this week though.

Soon enough, the Valentine’s Day festival called “Love is in the Air” will be upon us.

Before getting the flu, I was rather obsessed with Dollar Store Crafts, and finding materials at Dollar Tree.  I have many projects underway.  Unfortunately, I caught a computer virus with my people virus.  I immediately formatted my computer.  I thought I was so smart about it, but I deleted every single bookmark I had been collecting for over a year.  (Since the last time I formatted and forgot to save my bookmarks…)  Will I ever learn?  Probably not!

This time, I am saving everything to my Pinterest account.  And in this way, I can share projects with other people, too.  It seems like a win-win opportunity.

I hope you are staying healthy and far away from viruses of any kind!

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