Ok, so I had heard all the gory hype, and the bewares and everything.  But, I had to see the movie.  Curiousity and everything.  And wow, that kicked so much butt, I thought it was very suspenseful, and kept me on the edge of my seat!  My favorite horror flick is Candyman, and this may just kick it into second place!  It's so twisted and dark, and suspenseful.  If you like horror/suspense movies, I highly recommend this one.  I am eager to see the other films now. 

I do wonder if they could have spread it out a tad  with more emotional content, backstory.  Maybe we get that in the next films?  The characters are so interesting.  Now that I know the ending, I should probably go back and watch it over.  It's just so bizarre.  And terrifying!

Now I shall follow this up with some peaceful and humorous Ballykissangel 4.

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