Emotional TV – don’t read if you don’t want spoilers

I've been watching two TV shows on DVD lately:  Ballykissangel and the L Word.  I really love both, and am enthralled.  However, I got to some very emotional episodes lastnight/today.

My very favorite character on BallyK died.  I sat and cried and cried.  Maybe I'm feeling a bit PMS'y today, and that's not helping, but dang, did they have to take her away???? 

On the L Word, I think we're at the end of Season One.  And Tina finds out that Bette has been cheating.  Bette attacks her, clamboring for forgiveness.  Like, Ok, I get it, she wants Tina to stay.  But damn….  Don't rip her dress off of her.  Don't maliciously hold her down.  Ugh, is this how relationships evolve?  Are we all this dysfunctional mess of apology and not taking responsibility?  What happened to honesty, and openness? 

Consequently, I had a really awful dream that I don't care to ever repeat. 

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