The Entertainer

Put on your mask.
Set your mood.
Go make them laugh  
when you're so sad.

Deeper and deeper it goes,
the more "the entertainer" glows.

Help a few or more.
Save yourself?

Always moving with the plastic smile
and the image you send.
It's easier that way.
All you have to do is pretend.

It'll never end.

Written by me on 5-26-1992

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Poetry – What if…

What if I had said I loved you?
What if I had said I cared?
Would the past have stayed untainted?
I have wondered all these years.

What if I had gone the distance?
Would I have remained in your heart?
Or was I just a convenience
to keep your mind off something else?

What if I had met you
that day in the park?
Could we have even endured our time apart?

What if I had hugged you,
that night while we were drunk?
Would you be here with me now,
Would my heart still be tearing apart?

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