My word for this year is: Simplify

Getting this blog up and running has taken me forever. I post now and again, but I have always meant for this to be my “home base.” When blogging first started to be a thing, I knew I wanted to join in, but my interests are so wide and varied. I decided to read blogs by other people first, and hopefully that would help me!

No, it did not!

In fact, my interests only became MORE varied!

But, between now and then, I have spent years reading about people, crafts, comics, and just plain stuff! And that DID give me things to think about and do, instead of just sitting around watching tv all day. (I still watch shows and movies, but I do that while I am working, crafting, and reading blogs. HA!)

This year, I have decided to embrace the KISS philosophy – Keep It Simple, Sugar!

I am going to be paring down my belongings, focusing on the people and things that truly matter to me, and finding a balance somewhere in there with everything.  I have joined in with a few new projects, which seems counterproductive to keeping things simple, but actually, it is helping me align my priorities!

Expect new things from me this year, and keep your eyes posted!

Love, Cori!

30 Days of Lists – #30 – This time next year

DSC_1131 2

The last day of the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

This time next year…

  1. I will have lost another 20 pounds
  2. I will have played my violin regularly
  3. my first year as a church deacon will be finishing up
  4. many of my debts will be paid off
  5. my business will be flourishing
  6. we will be able to invite people over to visit
  7. we will have planted a successful garden and canned the results
  8. we will have more lights up outside
  9. passports will have been procured
  10. I will be planning for 2015!

Love, Cori!

30 Days of Lists – #29 – Things I’m letting go of


I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

Things I’m letting go of

  1. Perfection
  2. Resentments (harder than it seems, but feels so good to be free of them)
  3. Comparing myself to others
  4. Wanting approval of other people
  5. Thinking my dreams aren’t possible
  6. Worrying needlessly
  7. Thinking life has to be hard
  8. People who hurt me
  9. Expectations
  10. Depression

Love, Cori!

30 Days of Lists – #28 – Memories made this year


I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

Memories made this year

  1. Gus joined our family (that’s him above)
  2. Special time with Dad in the hospital
  3. Visits with aunts, uncles, cousins & friends with Dad
  4. Playing music for Dad
  5. Learning how to mow the lawn
  6. Going to Running Gagg & Con on the Cob with Skotte, Ang & Alana and others
  7. Meeting new friends like K&G and the Daves!
  8. Reconnecting with many friends from church and my childhood
  9. Getting help with the yard from Meg & Dustin
  10. Meeting birthday buddy Noah for the first time

Love, Cori!

30 Days of Lists – #26 – I am thankful for…


I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

I am thankful for…

  1. my family
  2. my wonderful friends
  3. my two entertaining dogs
  4. a beautiful house to live in
  5. enough food to eat
  6. my church community
  7. my health
  8. my creative spirit
  9. people who have supported my new business endeavors
  10. a new year to look forward to

Love, Cori!

30 Days of Lists – #25 – Can’t Get Enough Of…


I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

Can’t Get Enough Of…

  1. my homemade chicken soup
  2. Christmas music
  3. Eskimo cookies
  4. ice water
  5. holiday lights
  6. Christmas/Holiday cards
  7. peanut butter balls
  8. oatmeal with raisins (I seem to have food on the brain)
  9. dog cuddles
  10. tshirts!

Love, Cori!