May Migration

May Migration 2023

This one is just so darned cheerful that I think it’s my favorite piece I’ve made. I’m starting to work on different color schemes per month, maybe. I did an orange one last November. Blue is coming up for June!

I am looking forward to May. Anxiety and depression have been chasing me for the past year or so. In good 12step fashion, I decided to put all of that into the hands of my Higher Power, and find my joy. It is not fair to myself to keep doing things that aren’t working. I’m not running away, but I’m not going to my own peace slip away either. Some hard life lessons, but really important.

Spring typically means Spring Cleaning, so that process is underway as well. We recently got Greenlight fiber-optic Internet, which is so exciting. My mom and I have had the same phone number since we moved to this house in 1979. (With the exception of having to change area codes when our area needed expansion.) It is sad to let it go, but also freeing, in the spirit of Spring and fresh starts.

What are you looking forward to in May?

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One thought on “May Migration

  1. Hi Cori, This is a very cheery collage. Love it. You are on the right track. Finding your joy is the joy of life. Love, Aunt Vivi


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