12 Things that Happened in 2022

  1. Neil Gaiman liked a picture of me icing my head after listening to him read steamy John Wilmot poetry on a podcast. *squeeeee*
  2. Avoided Covid until August 2022, just in time for my 46th birthday. *womp womp*
  3. Chocolate Alchemy Treat making with my friend Eric!
  4. Went to my first Clerk of Session “One-on-One” Minutes swap at our Presbytery.
  5. Accidentally bought cryptocurrency while sleeping (Bitcoin). (And not even Ethereum! WTF.)
  6. Fixed a shower drain and leaking faucet – I’m handy!
  7. Started a brand new degree online, and was invited and joined the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.
  8. Made tissue paper crafts at the Advent Festival.
  9. Grew one green bean. That’s it. Just one. Enough to have seeds for next summer. Haha.
  10. Completed my first whole Inktober.
  11. Read and completed The Artist’s Way with my partner Jymi. Also drove to Massachusetts and had so much fun visiting him and his cat Moo. (Moo unfortunately passed away on Halloween.)
  12. Accidentally left my glue gun plugged in for over a week and didn’t burn anything down! (This one I hope never to repeat!)

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