Ornate October

Ornate October 2022

October ushers in a season of mystery, when the veil between worlds is a little lighter, and we honor our ancestors. We scare ourselves silly with costumes and movies, and stuff ourselves with candy, chocolate and popcorn, bulking up towards winter. 

After two incredible harvests, the grapes grew absolutely nothing this year. I’m thinking it is because of my extreme clipping last year. Gosh, I hope next year they return. Maybe by then I will finally have last year’s oven horror cleaned up. (I overcooked a grape pie, which overflowed into a pile of charred mess.)

What are you looking forward to doing this month? 

As always, if you’d like this resized or made for a different device, please ask!

Check out my Patreon post to download this art, and/or request a wallpaper resize for a different device.

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