Saturday Links

A few stories that I found fascinating this week

  1. _71767893_de28South Sudan quashes coup attempt, says President Kiir  – One of my acquaintances has been traveling in Juba with others as the initial coup happened. Luckily, they evacuated shortly after. The South Sudan has seen so much fighting. I wish for peace for the people there.
  2. baby-brain_2381083bEvidence in the effects of neglect in a child’s brain – Astonishing to see!
  3. aWbvmO8Texts between a father and his son during the Arapahoe shooting – This really got to me.      
  4. article-0-0F3546E200000578-263_964x641

    Amazing new Battle of the Bulge photos – Truly fascinating to look at!

Love, Cori!

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