30 Days of Lists – #7 – What I am going to remember about today


I am participating in the 30 Days of Lists December edition!

What I am going to remember about today

  1. Seeing  Thread‘s window display as we came upon the Southwedge Festival Park
  2. Celebrating the 100th birthday of my friend’s mother
  3. Hearing her serenaded with songs that she adores and sings all the time
  4. Caroling at the Presbyterian Home with fellow church members
  5. The man who sang along with us jovially in the front row at the end
  6. Our first giant Carcassonne game
  7. Playing for hours and only getting halfway done
  9. Alligator toes made with Leb’nin Ball-oh-nah
  10. Falling asleep, curled up with Maddie, in about 5 seconds flat after a totally exhausting and awesome day

Love, Cori!

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