Today is my birthday… Wooooo!

Today, I turn 37. I don’t feel any need to hide my age. People think I either look younger or older than I am, so it makes no difference to me! I have earned all of my 37 stripes, and look forward to earning at least 37 more spots. (Bonus points to anyone who caught that veiled reference to a song!)

This is also proof that I walk to the beat of my own drummer.


So, today – I am asking people for one of three things. You can (of course) do all three!

  1. Write me a poem! (Or a paragraph!) It can be able anything, or maybe about me or our friendship, or something that reminds you of me.
  2. Share a song with me! YouTube links are great! Or send something via email if you want! (inthespicerack at gmail dot com) – Tell me WHY you’re sharing the song with me. I like to know these things!
  3. Friending Frenzy. Back when LiveJournal was so popular, people had Friending Frenzies, but I never really participated because I was basically a hermit. Now that I am re-acclimating myself with the world, I’d love new friends! ¬†Introduce me to someone fabulous in your life!

So – the short scoop is, send a:

  1. poem
  2. song
  3. friend

Love, Cori!

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