Saucy Sassy Sunday

A story!

Way back in the 90s, college had given me a lot of new habits.  Once such habit, being more brazen with my words, was dubbed “saucy” by my unimpressed mother.  I had seen some SNL episodes by then, and kept telling her it was “Sassy!” not Saucy.  She was not moved.

I have in this way perhaps an unconventional relationship with my dear parents.  I am pretty unrestricted. This especially comes out when trying to convince them to do something dramatic.

Yesterday, I was determined to remove a bookshelf and put a clothes rack in its place.  My father was pretty sure this was a bad idea, and did not see how I could accomplish the task.  I have my belongings packed into that room, and it is stuffed to the gills.  But I persevered!  The shelf is now temporarily stored in the garage, and he and I got some good exercise moving it.  My mom and I maneuvered a clothes rack into the shelf’s place.  Things are happening slowly, but I am happy!

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