Thirsty Thursday – Shakes

My family has been trying out a new methodology for living.  A new lifestyle, if you will.  It has been full of ups, downs, joys, frustrations, a shift in the balance of kitchen power, sometimes tasty, and sometimes fodder for comedy.

But, I will tell you hands down, my favorite part of this experience has been Shakes.  Banana shakes, blueberry shakes, strawberry shakes, pumpkin shakes, chocolate shakes, peanut butter banana shakes…  The last one is my favorite, and I’ve had it 3 days in a row.

Peanut Butter Banana Shake*

What’s in the shakes – XANGO FAVAO™ Protein (Vegetable) powder, XANGO FAVAO™ Fiber, oatmeal, water, your fruit/veg/cocoa powder/nut of choice, and ice cubes.  The best ones also have a half of a banana for texture.

If you don’t drink them right away, they get quite thick.  Get a spoon.  I kinda like letting them get thicker sometimes, and then watching the liquid as I turn my glass sideways.  Some days, the shake doesn’t move!  (I might be thirty-five, but I still like to play with my food.)

* – Using my new Bacardi mug, but there is no rum in this health drink!

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