Christmas Wreath

Ok – so you saw our new garland here.  Next decoration!

There is another crafty goddess named Alisa Burke.  I really dig her style.  She does the most amazing things with her art.  At first, I just read her blog for the pretty pictures, for the inspiration.  Then one day, I decided to try imitating her style.  I won’t show you my attempt.  While I am proud of it, let’s just say that it is amateur at best, and a child would do better.  But it made me SOOOO happy!When I saw her wreath project here, I had to try it out.  The thing I love drawing most is flowers, so her flower style worked well for me.  I hadn’t used watercolors in a long time, so that was also fun.

First, I painted my pages of music with a white wash.  She didn’t do this step with her book pages, but I wanted to try it out.  After drying, I sketched out the flowers.  I went very slowly with each flower.  Next, red paint was added on the petals.  Then I added in green between the circles in the middle.  I retraced the flowers, and added in the veins next.  Then, I added in the white dots.

The last thing I did were the leaves. Instead of a foam base, I mod podged three layers of poster board cut into a wreath shape together. It is quite sturdy now.  I mod podged the flowers and leaves onto the wreath as well.

This project was incredibly fun, and very time consuming.  If you are short on time, and want to recreate the look yourself, I highly recommend buying her kit here.  For $15, you get “6 sheets of high quality reproductions” all done for you.  When I add up all the time I spent, and count on the fact that you’re getting them from the actual artist, it’s a bargain price.

I will definitely be saving my wreath for many years.

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