The Holiday Season has arrived!

We put up our first holiday decoration a couple of days ago.

I read many craft blogs obsessively.  I take notes.  I bookmark pages.  I save things with fervor.  The one thing I am trying to do more of is actually USE and create things!

One blog I read is Happy ZombieMonica Solorio-Snow is the super crafty quilty goddess over there.  I can’t even pretend to be a smidge as fabulous as she is.  My favorite thing about her posts is the COLORS!  The quilts are amazing and colorful.  It’s visual candy for my eyes.  

These tags come from one of her fabric lines, if I’m not mistaken.  I fell instantly in love.

Go here to download the tags and make your own projects!

These are super cute, and our picture doesn’t do them justice.  So please – go to Happy Zombie and see her work there!

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